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104-DIO-48S - PC/104 Digital I/O Cards, 28 TTL I/O, Change of State

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This product is RoHS-compliant

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PC/104, 28 TTL I/O, COS. 104-DIO-48S Change-Of-State Detecting Digital I/O Card, 48 parallel lines of 82C55 digital I/O with tristate buffers prevent unintended control of external equipment, IRQ on input change of state (COS) eliminates the need for constant polling, Compatible with Opto-22 and other industry standard I/O racks.

The circuits use an 82C55A PPI with mode 0 supported. Ports A, B and C are buffered with 74ABT245 transceivers and pulled up to 5V.

The optional 82C54 has three-sixteen bit down-counters within one chip. These counters are useful for making frequency outputs, measuring frequency of square waves, pulse width outputs, pulse width measurements etc. Software drivers are provided on CD.