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104-PWR-500A-48 - PC/104 Wide Range DC/DC PC/104 Power Module 48V In, 5V Out at 8A, -40 to +105 C

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This product is RoHS-compliant

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Wide Range DC/DC PC-104 Power Module, 48V nominal input, 36VDC-75VDC (40W), +5VDC at 8A Max. The design incorporates a 16-bit pass through PC/104 connector, molex type power input connector and voltage status LED inch™s. Since heat is always a factor to consider in any system design project, this module can be populated on either side of the board to facilitate heat sinking to one end of an enclosure, with the CPU heat sinking to the other end of the enclosure.

This single output version can be ordered with or without a heatsink. At up to 84% efficiency, a dynamic input range and full protection on inputs and outputs, this power supply is very versatile and appropriate for many PC/104 based applications.

The Input Power Connector is a Four-pin standard Molex type connector at the edge of the board. It inch™s the same connector as used on a CD-ROM so it inch™s easy to set up and test a system with a local +12V Computer type power supply.