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104-QUAD-6 - PC/104 6-Channel Digital Quadrature Encoder Input Board

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The 104-QUAD-6 card is a general purpose Quadrature Encoder Counter/Interface board. It is provided in the popular 104 format and conditions and monitors the outputs of 6 encoders. I/O connectors are right-angle 34-pin headers.

These functions include anything that can be programmed into the versatile LSI/CSI LS7266R1 integrated circuit. These functions include speed, direction and total count. By providing these functions, it frees the computer for higher level applications.

The ability to provide an interrupt for a parameter, such as total count, further frees the computer from the necessity of constantly reading the position of an encoder.

Interrupts are directed to levels #2 through #7, #10 through #12, and #15 by jumper installation.

The 104-QUAD-6 card is designed for industrial applications. Each input line is buffered and capable of utilizing inputs up to 25 volts. A +5 Volt source is available for appropriate encoders.

The conditioned inputs are connected to LSI/CSI LS7266R1 integrated circuits. These circuits are the heart of the card's operation. They may be programmed for a variety of functions.

The 104-QUAD-8 occupies 32 bytes of I/O address space. The base address is selectable via jumpers anywhere within the range of 100-3E0 hex. An illustrated setup program is provided with the 104-QUAD-6 card. Interactive displays show locations and proper settings of jumpers to set up board address and interrupt levels.