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USB Type-A (male - female) SuperSpeed 5 Gbps Optical Cable 50' (15.2 m)- Plenum




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The Extron USBA Pro Plenum Series of USB‑A male to female cables provide extension of USB 3.2 signals and power over distances up to 65 feet. The cables support a SuperSpeed USB data rate of 5 Gbps and deliver 5 V and up to 900 mA of power to the USB peripheral device. The ultra-thin 0.24” (6 mm) diameter and narrow bend radius allows for installation in tight spaces, including plenum air spaces. These optical-copper extension cables are powered by the host computer, and an LED provides visual notification of host power status. The USBA Pro Plenum Series cables are available in popular lengths from 15 feet up to 65 feet (4.5 meters to 19.8 meters).

The USBA Pro Plenum Series offers the benefits of fiber optics with the simplicity of traditional copper extension cables. Providing the best combination of price and performance, this cabling solution is ideal for extending USB data and power over long cable runs while maintaining full signal integrity and providing reliable operation to support mission-critical applications.

These cables use glass, multimode optical fiber to transmit USB 3.2 signals. Integrated copper wiring provides transmission of USB 2.0/1.1 signals and 5 V, 900 mA of power for a USB peripheral device. Built‑in active circuitry enables optical/electrical conversion and signal regeneration. This circuitry draws minimal energy and is powered by the connected USB host device.

All USBA Pro Plenum Series products are active, unidirectional extension cables. Each cable is terminated with a male USB-A plug for the host and a female USB-A connector for the peripheral device. A blue LED on the female connector provides visual status notification of host power presence. For peripherals that require additional power, the cable includes a pigtail for connection to an external power source.

The USBA Pro Plenum Series is ideal for Pro AV applications that require reliable cable connection between USB host and USB peripheral devices over long cable runs up to 65 feet (19.8 meters).


  • Provides USB-A signal extension between the host and a peripheral device — Extension cable features a male USB-A plug for host and a female USB-A connector for peripheral device connectivity.
  • Supports a SuperSpeed USB data rate of 5 Gbps — USB 3.2 compliant, the cable provides data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Delivers 5 V and up to 900 mA of power — Delivers up to 4.5 W of bus power for USB peripheral device powering.
  • Flexible, ultra-thin 0.24” (6 mm) diameter cable — Narrow bend radius facilitates easier installation and reduces possibility of cable damage.
  • Plenum, NEC CMP‑rated cable — Cable can run through open air spaces, eliminating the need for a conduit in most jurisdictions. The cable is rated for in‑wall and ceiling installations.
  • Highly resistant to EMI/RFI interference — USBA Pro Plenum Series can be used in high-interference environments such as data centers, operating rooms, or manufacturing facilities.
  • Backwards compatible with previous USB standards
  • Host power status LED indicator — A blue LED on the female USB‑A connector provides visual status notification of host power presence.
  • Optional external power for USB charging — The female USB‑A connector comes equipped with an attached pigtail for connection to an external power supply. Auxiliary power is recommended if the connected USB host device is unable to provide sufficient power to the connected peripheral device.
  • Gold-plated contacts — Contacts will not tarnish, maintaining a long-lasting, reliable electrical connection.
  • Available in lengths from 15 feet to 65 feet (4.5 meters to 19.8 meters)