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HG5811UDT-PRO 5.8 GHz UDT-Series Omni directional Antennas w/Electrical Downtilt

by L-Com
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Professional Performance

The HyperLink HG5811UDT-PRO is a Profession Grade Omni-Directional Down-Tilt antenna that can be used for Commercial installations. The antenna features high gain and superior VSWR. The unit is optimized for the 5.8GHz band applications. The pattern is electrically tilted downward to improve coverage from higher mounting elevations in difficult sites such as apartment complexes and similar installations.

Superior Performance

The HG5811UDT-PRO antenna is specifically designed from commercial applications. Electrical down tilting assures excellent coverage from higher mounting elevations to extend coverage over a larger area. It is ideally suited for close-in systems, typically found in apartment complex installations, neighborhood networks, industrial complexes, mobile home parks, marinas, truck stops and shopping centers.

Because of the unique design of the HG5811UDT-PRO, nulls are eliminated in many cases, and the antenna can be used with many and varied wireless systems. The radiating elements of the HG5811U-PRO utilize an air dielectric for lowest loss and superior radiating efficiency. The design is factory tuned for superior performance.

Rugged and Weatherproof

The HG5811UDT-PRO construction features a heavy-duty fiberglass radome and stainless steel base which provides weatherproof protection of the antenna elements and electronics. Designed to operate in the harshest of environments, the HG5811UDT-PRO far exceeds other omnidirectional antennas. The included mounting system features twin steel heavy-duty clamps and u-bolts for superior strength.

For additional information and complete specifications, click on the data sheet link below.

  • Electrical Down Tilting Pattern for Excellent Coverage
  • Commercial Grade Radiating Elements
  • Integral N-Female connector
  • Durable UV-stable fiberglass radome
  • Includes heavy duty pole mounting brackets