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CCI Pro 700 - Conferencing Control Interface



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Product Datasheet

Product Datasheet 2

The Extron CCI Pro 700 is the industry"™s first control system user interface optimized for conferencing, collaboration, and AV control. It supports many of the critical functions needed in a conferencing environment, while providing a powerful and intuitive user interface for room control. The compact CCI Pro 700 includes a 3.5" color information display, a numeric keypad, and backlit buttons. The information display may be used to show contact information, call directories, and call status. Buttons directly below the display may be used to navigate custom lists and menus. The information display is customized using GUI Designer, and all buttons can be configured and customized using Global Configurator Plus and Pro, and Custom Button Builder. This flexible design affords countless conferencing and control possibilities.

The CCI Pro 700 also offers the convenience of Extron System Templates. These free, professionally-designed audio conferencing templates provide a starting point for configuration with downloadable GC Plus files that include GUI layouts and sample system logic.


  • Control conference systems and AV devices from a single, easy-to-use interface "” Fully configurable for use in any conferencing application.
  • Familiar and intuitive design "” Provides a convenient and comfortable user experience.
  • Works seamlessly with virtually any audio and video conferencing solution
  • Free System Templates streamline configuration "” Professionally-designed audio conferencing templates provide a starting point for configuration with downloadable GC Plus files that include GUI layouts and sample system logic.
  • Supports Microsoft® Skype® for Business when used in conjunction with Extron Codec Connect„¢ - Coming Q3 2016
  • Compatible with all IP Link Pro control processors "” Directly communicates with a control processor via Ethernet.
  • Customizable 3.5 inch color information display with context-dependent buttons "” Can be used to display contact information, dialing directories and call status.
  • Six backlit soft-touch function buttons for AV device control or call presets "” Buttons included with labels for display on, display off, and source selection. Create custom labels and order custom buttons by using Custom Button Builder.
  • Dual color call status indicator "” A large, bright indicator can be configured to clearly show various conference room conditions such as microphone mute, privacy, or an incoming call.
  • Configurable buttons for critical conference functions "” Backlit buttons for volume, navigation, call mode, keypad, room and conference functions are grouped for easy user operation of the conferencing environment.
  • Power over Ethernet allows the interface to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply - PoE injector sold separately
  • Light sensor adjusts screen and button brightness as the ambient room lighting changes
  • Designed for use on a conference table, desk or any flat surface
  • Tilted base provides optimum viewing and operating angle
  • Energy-saving features: Adjustable sleep timer puts interface into sleep mode. Motion detector wakes the interface.
  • Fully-configurable using Extron control system software "” GUI Designer combined with Global Configurator Plus or Global Configurator Professional.
  • Supports the Extron Control App and Extron Control for Web
  • Convenient information tray for easy access to reminders or system information "” Leave important information, such as contact numbers or system presets, on the tray without the need of adding labels or stickers directly on the CCI Pro 700.
  • Meets or exceeds Section 508 accessibility standards