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60-1262-12 Extender Plus AAP - VGA and Audio Line Driver with EDID Minder® - AAP Version



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Product Datasheet

The Extron Extender Plus is a one input, one buffered output line driver that extends VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video signals up to 250 feet (75 m) on Extron MHR Mini High Resolution or similar cables. It also accepts unbalanced computer stereo audio and converts it to balanced, line level stereo audio. A variable level/peaking control provides equalization to compensate for signal loss and high frequency attenuation due to long cable runs. To simplify integration, the Extender Plus features EDID Minder®, an Extron-exclusive technology that automatically manages EDID communication between devices. Available in Decora®-style and AAP form factors, the Extender Plus is ideal for a wide range of applications to extend computer-video and audio signals over long cable runs.