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60-1433-01A - IPCP Pro 355DR



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Product Datasheet

The Extron IPCP Pro 355DR is a versatile, high-performance DIN rail mountable control processor with a secure, dedicated AV LAN port. It features advanced security standards and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which ensure compatibility with multiple TouchLink® Pro touchpanels using a standard network infrastructure. Of the two Ethernet ports, the AV LAN is designated to control local AV devices, and is secure from outside interference or intrusion. The IPCP Pro 355DR can be used with Extron LinkLicense®, which enhances the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems. The IPCP Pro 355DR is ideal for controlling multiple devices and signal types within AV systems requiring an isolated AV network while providing DIN rail mounting flexibility common in automation applications or legacy structures where component space is a concern.

The Extron IPCP Pro 355DR can be configured using Global Configurator Plus or Global Configurator Professional software or programmed using Extron Global Scripter. For enterprise-wide applications, GlobalViewer® Enterprise can provide centralized AV resource monitoring, management, and control over a computer network.


  • Securely mounts to an industry-standard DIN rail commonly used by third party automation equipment in racks and cabinets
  • Supports TouchLink® Pro touchpanels and eBUS® button panels
  • AV LAN port allows AV devices to be isolated from the corporate network "” Enables local control of AV devices connected to this port, while securing this equipment from outside interference or intrusion.
  • Supports secure industry standard communications protocols "” All IP Link Pro models use industry standard communication protocols, including HTTP (insecure), HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, SMTP, NTP, Discovery Service, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, and IPv4.
  • Supports LinkLicense® "” Further enhances the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems.
  • Two bidirectional RS-232 serial ports with software handshaking "” Captive screw serial ports that can control two RS-232 devices.
  • One bidirectional RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial port with hardware and software handshaking "” Captive screw serial port that can communicate with one RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serially controlled device.
  • Two IR/Serial ports for one-way control of external devices
  • Four Digital I/O ports "” Allows for interfacing with other systems in the room.
  • Four relays for controlling room functions "” Enables control of lighting, screen settings, and other device functions.
  • eBUS port for connecting eBUS button panels and accessories
  • Ethernet monitoring and control on each Ethernet port "” Manage, monitor, and control AV devices using a standard Ethernet network.
  • DHCP server for AV LAN "” Automatically distributes IP addresses and network configuration parameters for AV devices connected to the local AV LAN, which streamlines system setup and management.
  • The AV LAN port only permits communications from the Ethernet port for remote management and firmware updates for Extron devices "” Allows Extron devices on the AV LAN to receive firmware updates and be remotely monitored, managed, and controlled through Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise.
  • Supports popular BMS Building Management System protocols, such as BACnet, KNX, and DALI "” These protocols allow for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems that include HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security.
  • Supports 10/100/1000Base-T
  • Supports Ethernet-controllable devices "” Allows for control of multiple Ethernet-enabled AV devices such as displays, switchers, and sources.
  • Integrated IR Learning capability "” Captures IR remote codes from a device"™s handheld remote control.
  • Automatic clock synchronization allows touchpanel to display the accurate time and date
  • Supports control system synchronization "” Synchronization will allow users to retain and recover the state of their configured endpoints in case of network or power failure.
  • Multi-level password protection "” Allows security to be set based on user roles.
  • Fully customizable using Extron control system software "” GUI Designer combined with Global Configurator Plus, Global Configurator Professional, or Global Scripter.
  • Library of Pro Series device drivers and modules for use with Global Configurator and Global Scripter respectively "” Start and execute projects quickly using Extron Global Configurator device drivers and Global Scripter® modules to control various display and source devices, such as projectors, flat-panel displays, and Blu-ray players. Extron offers fully tested Ethernet, serial, and IR device drivers and modules.
  • Highly reliable, energy-efficient external universal power supply included, replacement part #70-775-01 "” Provides worldwide power compatibility, with high demonstrated reliability and low power consumption for reduced operating costs.