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DTP T UWP 4K 332 D - HDMI, VGA Decorator Transmitter, White – 330 feet (100 m)



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Product Datasheet

The Extron DTP T UWP 4K 332 D is a two input, decorator-style transmitter for sending HDMI, VGA, control, and analog audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable to Extron DTP 330-enabled products. The HDCP-compliant transmitter provides one HDMI input and one VGA input, both with independent analog stereo audio connections. The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D supports video signals at resolutions up to 4K. Integrator-friendly features include analog stereo audio embedding, EDID Minder®, auto-switching between inputs, RS-232 and contact closure remote control for simplified input selection, remote power capability, and bidirectional RS-232 pass-through for remote AV device control. The wall-mountable design of the DTP T UWP 4K 332 D provides the convenience of placing input connections precisely where they are needed.

The HDCP-compliant DTP T UWP 4K 332 D provides reliable switching and long distance transmission of HDMI and VGA signals. The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D can automatically switch between the digital and analog sources, and it supports RS-232 remote control for easy operation in unmanaged locations. In addition, the transmitter features independent connections for embedding stereo analog audio onto the digital video output signal for transport over DTP®. For 4K HDMI video, only the original digital audio may be switched through the DTP output. To suit the needs of the application, there is also the option to send stereo analog audio alongside the video and control signals over the shielded twisted pair cable to a DTP 330-enabled matrix switcher, switcher, or signal processor.

To enhance and simplify integration of sources and displays, and to help ensure optimal system performance, the DTP T UWP 4K 332 D features EDID Minder. EDID Minder is an Extron?exclusive technology that manages EDID communication between the display device and input sources to ensure that the correct video formats are displayed reliably.

The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D supports extension of bidirectional RS?232 signals from a control system for AV device control. For added installation flexibility, the DTP T UWP 4K 332 D transmitter can be remotely powered over the shielded twisted pair cable by a DTP 330-enabled product. This simplifies installation and allows both devices to share one power supply. The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D can be integrated with an Extron DTP CrossPoint® Presentation Matrix Switcher, or other DTP 330?enabled products to support sources at remote locations. The transmitter mounts in an included two?gang decorator-style wallplate, allowing for discreet placement in walls, lecterns, and floor boxes.

Extron recommends Extron-certified XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable, shielded RJ?45 plugs, jacks, and couplers engineered for optimum signal transmission with Extron DTP Series products. The XTP DTP 24 cable is certified to 475 MHz and utilizes a SF/UTP design with four unshielded 24 AWG twisted pair conductors inside an overall braid and foil shield for superior performance and noise immunity.


  • Transmits HDMI, VGA, control, and analog audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable - The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D provides high reliability and maximum performance on an economical and easily installed cable infrastructure.
  • Inputs: One HDMI, one VGA on 15?pin HD, two 3.5 mm stereo mini jacks for audio; Output: One DTP® 330 twisted pair output on RJ-45
  • Auto-switching between inputs - Auto-switching allows for simple, unmanaged installation in locations such as in a lectern or floor box. When multiple inputs are active, the highest?numbered input with an active video signal takes priority.
  • Supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K
  • Analog stereo audio embedding - Analog stereo audio signals can be selectively embedded onto the digital video output signal and transported over DTP. The HDMI can be set to pass the embedded digital audio, embed the analog audio, or to automatically embed the analog audio when no digital audio is detected. For 4K HDMI video, only the original digital audio may be switched through the DTP output.
  • Remote power capability - For simplified installation, the transmitter can be remotely powered by a DTP-enabled product over the twisted pair connection.
  • Extron XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable is strongly recommended for optimal performance
  • Compatible with CATx shielded twisted pair cable - The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D fully supports a maximum transmission distance of 330 feet (100 meters) for all compatible resolutions when used with CATx shielded twisted pair cable. Shielded twisted pair cabling with solid center conductor sizes of 24 AWG or better is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Independent analog audio inputs - The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D provides two independent stereo analog audio connections for simultaneous transmission over the same shielded twisted pair cable.
  • Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, 3D, and HD lossless audio formats
  • Supports multiple embedded audio formats - The DTP T UWP 4K 332 D is compatible with a broad range of multi?channel audio signals, providing reliable operation with HDMI sources.
  • Bidirectional RS?232 pass-through for AV device control - Bidirectional RS?232 control signals can be transmitted alongside the video signal, allowing remote AV devices to be controlled without the need for additional cabling.
  • Digital conversion of analog input signals - Analog signals are digitized, ensuring that a reliable, high quality digital video signal is sent to the output destination.
  • HDCP compliant - Ensures display of content-protected media and interoperability with other HDCP-compliant devices.
  • User-selectable HDCP authorization - Allows the unit to appear HDCP compliant or non-HDCP compliant to the connected source, which is beneficial if the source automatically encrypts all content when connected to an HDCP-compliant device. Protected material is not passed in non?HDCP mode.
  • EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices - EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
  • Supports EDID and HDCP transmission - DDC channels are actively buffered, allowing continuous communication between source and display.
  • HDMI to DVI Interface Format Correction - Automatically enables or disables embedded audio and InfoFrames, and sets the correct color space for proper connection to HDMI and DVI displays.
  • Automatic color bit depth management - Automatically adjusts color bit depth based on the display EDID, preventing color compatibility conflicts between source and display
  • Compatible with all DTP 330 Series receivers and DTP 330?enabled products - Enables mixing and matching with desktop and wallplate receivers, as well as other DTP 330?enabled products to meet application requirements. RS-232 control port - Enables the use of serial commands for integration into a control system. Extron products use the SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set command protocol, a set of basic ASCII commands that allow for quick and easy programming.
  • Contact closure control port - Can be used for external control of input switching.
  • Front panel USB configuration port
  • LED indicators for signal presence, HDCP, and power - Provides visual indication of system status for real-time feedback and monitoring of key performance parameters.
  • RJ?45 signal and link LED indicators for DTP port - Provides a means for validating signal flow and operation, allowing quick identification of connectivity issues.
  • Easy setup and commissioning with Extron's PCS - Product Configuration Software - Conveniently configure multiple products using a single software application.
  • Mounts in an included two-gang decorator-style wallplate - The two?gang decorator-style wallplate is available in black or white to blend with a wide range of environments.
  • External Extron Everlast™ power supply included, replacement part #70-1174-01 - Provides worldwide power compatibility with high?demonstrated reliability and low power consumption
  • Extron Everlast Power Supply is covered by a 7-year parts and labor warranty