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ARK4958-17DP-090-0 5 GHz 17 dBi Dual Polarized 90° MIMO Sector Antenna w/Ubiquiti® RocketM5 Mounting Kit



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L-com's ARK4958-17DP-090-0 features HyperLink's HG4958-17DP-090 5 GHz dual polarized 17 dBi 90 degree sector antenna. Included with each antenna is a unique mounting bracket that allows the Ubiquiti® RocketM5 radio to be attached directly to the antenna. Also included are a pair of 195-series low-loss cable assemblies to connect the RocketM5 to the antenna. Customers can enjoy the cost saving of these kits compared to purchasing an Ubiquiti® antenna to use with the RocketM5 radio. The ARK4958-17DP-090-0 Kit includes: (1) HG4958-17DP-090 Dual Polarized 5 GHz 16 dBi 90 degree Sector MIMO Antenna (1) Ubiquiti® RocketM5 Mounting Bracket (2) CA-RSPNMA002 2 Foot N-Male to RP-SMA Plug CA-195 Series Cable Assembly Note: The Ubiquiti® RocketM5 radio is sold separately.


  • Cost savings compared to purchasing an Ubiquiti® anternna to use with the RocketM5 radio
  • Features HyperLink's HG4958-17DP-090 dual polarized 5 GHz 17 dBi 90 degree sector antenna
  • Kit includes a RocketM5 mounting bracket and two 195-series 2 foot cable assemblies


  • Wireless Internet Providers and ISPs
  • Campus and Academic Installations
  • Municipal and Government Installations
  • High Power, Long Range Point to Point applications
  • Disaster recovery and rapid deployment applications