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N Male to N Female Bulkhead Lightning Protector, CA-400 Series Cable Assembly



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The CA4NMLPNF series are high performance low loss 400-series cable assemblies that feature a N-Male connector to an in-line N-Female Bulkhead gas discharge tube lightning protector attached directly to the cable. This not only reduces the cost since a connector is eliminated, but helps reduce return loss and insertion loss. These cable assemblies feature L-com's CA-400 which is a UV resistant polyethylene jacketed high performance flexible low loss coaxial cable. Attached directly to the cable is L-com's AL6-NF-14-9 5.8 GHz coaxial lightning protector. With a replaceable gas tube element, multi-strike capability and fast response time, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. A ground lug and terminal is provided directly on the lightning protector housing, which provides superior grounding.