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Telco Harmonica 12 RJ11 (6x4) / 50 Pin Male

by L-Com
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Breakout your 50-pin male Telco cable by using L-com's unique harmonica style cluster bars. Each cluster bar has one 50-pin male RJ21 connector as input and 6, 8 or 12 modular jacks as output. The shell features two holes for screw mounting to a wall or panel. A piece of double-sided foam tape is included for added convenience. The RJ21 Telco connector is secured to the back of each cluster bar with a hook and loop style strap. No more splicing required, use L-com's cluster bar and avoid connection failures.

Breakout 50-pin male Telco RJ21 style connectors to 12 10Base-T wired RJ45 jacks

Includes hook and loop style hold-down straps to eliminate screw tightening

Two holes for mounting to a wall or panel

Includes double-sided foam tape for mounting convenience

USOC Wired for most telephone applications