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AFM-1700 Connector, F-TYPE Male RG58 CABLE



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Product Datasheet

Most F-Type connectors use the cable's inner conductor as the connector's center pin. Common problems with this type of connector is the pin is more prone to bending. The AFM-1700 features a gold plated center pin. This pin is soldered to the cable's inner connector which makes this connector stronger and more durable.

Can be used with HyperLink CA-195R, RG58/141/142 HyperLink CA195RW WBC195 LMR®195 Belden 8240/8219 cable types

Nickel plated bodies for superior resistance to corrosion

Designed for crimp attachment to RG6 and RG6QS coaxial cable utilizing a standard .360 crimp size

Threaded style coupling 75 Ohm coaxial connector

O-ring design plus silicone sealant results in a weather resistant design