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Two FSP Sub-Panel 35mm DIN Rail/Wall Termination Enclosure

by L-Com
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For a rugged solution to cable termination on the factory floor, L-com developed the FSP-xDIN series wall or DIN rail mountable enclosures. This economical series of enclosures is the prefect choice for terminating fiber data cables where the expense of an outdoor enclosure in not desired. These frames can mount either to standard 35mm DIN rail or directly to a wall for convenient installation in any location. These boxes are perfect for transitioning outdoor rated to indoor rated cables without the need to install an entire rack enclosure or panel system. Available in an attractive Flat Black powder coat finish.
This model supports the installation of Qty: (2) FSP Series Sub-Panels.

Mounts to standard 35mm DIN rail for factory floor applications

Removable DIN Rail clip allows you to Mount to wall directly for convenient installation

Supports Installaion of 2 FSP Series Sub Panels

L-com Din Rails available in 0.5M DIN-35-0.5 1M DIN-35-1 length options