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  • The Extron GSS 100 Graphic Still Store is a unique, compact still store designed to play back high resolution company logos, digital photos, presentation slides, and other text or graphic images, as part of an AV presentation. The GSS 100 is useful for displaying text or graphics between presentation sessions, or for continuous slide show playback in kiosks or store signage. The GSS 100 replaces the need for a dedicated graphics PC in event staging, conference rooms and boardrooms, houses of worship, digital signage, and similar applications.

    The GSS 100 accommodates BMP or JPEG format graphics up to SXGA+ (1400x1050) and HDTV 1080p/60. Graphics files are easily uploaded from a PC via the GSS 100's high-speed Ethernet port. Ethernet control allows the GSS 100 to be managed and controlled locally or remotely, with multiple-level password protection, ensuring that only authorized images are displayed. With 16 MB of internal image storage, the GSS 100 accommodates six XGA resolution (1024x768) BMP graphics files, or 100 or more XGA resolution JPEG images at typical rates of compression. Stored images may be played back selectively or sequentially in a slide show presentation. Transition effects include cut and variable-rate dissolves, with user-programmable slide display and transition intervals.

    The GSS 100 is designed for a wide range of image display needs. For dynamic digital signage, ideal for eye-catching displays in high-traffic retail locations, BMP files at XGA resolution can be loaded and displayed in as little as 3 seconds between images. For applications using a greater number of JPEG files, such as meeting agendas, daily schedules, electronic menus and billboards, and environmental art, XGA resolution files are loaded and displayed in 5 seconds or less.

    A special RGB pass-through enables easy installation between the output of a source or switcher and the display device, without the need for separate RGB switching. For effortless, automated operation, the GSS 100 automatically engages its output whenever the pass-through input is interrupted, such as during the exchange of laptops in a presentation. The output resolution is selectable, up to UXGA, to match the native resolution of the display device. The GSS 100 also provides the appropriate sync format to match the display monitor or projector.

    1. Stores BMP and JPEG format high resolution graphic files, plays back on analog RGBHV output - The GSS 100 accepts BMP and JPEG images, and outputs analog RGB computer video to a display device.
    2. Inputs: RGBHV or RGBS pass-through on BNCs
    3. Output: RGBHV or RGBS on BNCs
    4. Upload graphic files from a PC via Ethernet - BMP and JPG files are easily loaded from a PC via the high-speed Ethernet port.
    5. 16 MB internal image storage - Sufficient for six XGA resolution (1024x768) BMP graphics, or 100 or more JPEG images at XGA resolution, depending on compression rates.
    6. Fast upload of stored images - XGA (1024x768) resolution graphics are loaded from memory in as little as 3 seconds.
    7. RGB pass-through for easy system integration and operation €” RGB computer-video output can be passed through the GSS 100, eliminating the need for a separate RGB switcher to insert the GSS 100 into a system.
    8. Plays back stored images as an automated, programmable slide show €” The GSS 100 can sequence through stored images as an automatic, continuous slide show presentation with programmable display interval. The same slide show sequence is automatically resumed following a power disruption.
    9. Ethernet monitoring and control - Ethernet control enables the GSS 100 to be controlled and proactively monitored over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Graphic files are uploaded from a PC to the GSS 100 through the Ethernet port. The integrated Web server facilitates control and configuration, including slide show programming, from any authorized Web client.
    10. Smooth image transitions including cut and variable-rate dissolves - Image transition effects enable smooth, professional quality presentations.
    11. Programmable RGB delay when switching between stored image and RGB pass-through - When the GSS 100 switches between its image and the pass-through outputs, RGB delay blanks the screen, so there is no glitch shown during the transition. The time delay is adjustable up to five seconds. Auto sync sensing maintains an on-screen image - When sync loss is detected on the pass-through input, the GSS 100 automatically switches to a stored image. This ensures that an image, such as a company logo, is always on-screen, even when the primary source, such as a laptop, is disconnected.
    12. Selectable output rates up to 1400x1050, including HDTV 720p €” The output rate is selectable to match the native resolution of the display device. For optimum display, the resolution of the stored images should be equal to the output resolution.
    13. Local or remote file management via Ethernet €” Image files may be uploaded, managed, and sequenced, locally or remotely, through the Ethernet port.
    14. RS-232 control port €” Through RS-232, the GSS 100 can be integrated with control systems using Extron SIS„¢ - Simple Instruction Set serial commands.
    15. Front panel security lockout €” This feature locks out all front panel functions except for image selection; all functions however, are available through RS-232 or Ethernet control.
    16. Rack-mountable 1U, half rack width metal enclosure
    17. Highly reliable, energy-efficient internal universal power supply €” The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility with high demonstrated reliability.
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