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Dark Gray Replacement Hinge Cover for 1412 Polycarbonate Enclosure



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Product Datasheet

L-com now offers this Dark Gray Polycarbonate Replacement Lid for any of our 14x12 inch polycarbonate enclosures. The unique hinge design allows you to remove or install the lid without the need for any tools or special hardware. By placing the enclosure on a flat surface & positioning the lid perpendicular to that surface you can apply a sharp tap on the edge of the lid to pop it off of the enclosure. Re-installing is even easier. You hook the hinge on the lid back onto the hinge position on the enclosure, then moving the lid to the fully open position will pop the hinge into place.


  • Dark Gray Replacement Lid for our 14x12 Inch Polycarb Enclosures
  • Includes gasket
  • Tool-less design for removing and installing


  • Replacement lid
  • Spare