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Surround Sound Processor



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Product Datasheet

The Extron SSP 200 is a high-performance Surround Sound Processor that automatically decodes Dolby® and DTS® formats from HDMI sources to discrete audio outputs. Providing up to ten built-in outputs, plus additional outputs via an EXP port, the SSP 200 provides the flexibility needed for pro A/V applications in corporate, commercial, and education environments. It supports the latest immersive formats of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X plus legacy Dolby and DTS surround formats. An upmix function synthesizes exceptional multichannel audio from stereo content. The SSP 200 features an HDMI input with loop through, coaxial and optical digital inputs, and an analog stereo input. It is designed for integration into pro A/V installations, featuring a compact, 1/2 rack metal enclosure, RS-232 serial & LAN control, and balanced line level outputs.

Designed for Pro AV Integration

The SSP 200 is housed in a 1U, half rack width enclosure that is rack-mountable and occupies a fraction of the space required by a consumer surround processor or AV receiver. It can be controlled and configured using RS-232 serial control or via a network connection. For compatibility with pro AV audio equipment, the SSP 200 offers balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs and an EXP output expansion port for connection to a DMP Plus Series audio DSP processor. Front panel controls can be locked out to prevent unauthorized operation.

The SSP 200 is designed for simple, intuitive operation from the front panel, with LED indicators for source selection, source format detection, listening mode, and output volume level.

Control and Configuration

Extron PCS - Product Configuration Software includes an intuitive user interface for efficient setup and control of the SSP 200 as well as calibration of the sound system. Using the software, an integrator can specify the number and size of speakers in the system, and enter the distance of each speaker from the central listening position, or location where acoustical measurements are taken. A nine-band parametric EQ is available for each of the speaker channels to tailor the output signal to the acoustical environment.

Test Signals for Calibration

The SSP 200 generates test signals, including Dolby noise and full-bandwidth pink noise, that can be routed sequentially to each speaker, or directed selectively to any speaker using the software. Dolby noise is a band-limited pink noise that allows for higher sound pressure levels, which is advantageous when calibrating speaker outputs to equal SPLs. An individual trim level is provided for each channel to facilitate calibration. The pink noise test signals can be used to calibrate a speaker’s interaction with the acoustical environment. The SSP 200 also offers the option to use an external source for test signals, which can then be directed to any speaker, or all speakers in sequence.


Supports the latest immersive 3D audio formats as well as legacy surround formats -

  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Surround
  • Dolby Digital EX
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx
  • Dolby Pro Logic II
  • DTS:X
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
  • DTS Neural:X
  • DTS-ES
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS NEO:6

Automatic surround sound format detection and decoding — Automatically detects the format of the incoming audio signal, applies the necessary decoding then sends signals to the appropriate outputs.

Supports video resolutions up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 — Supported video signals pass through unaltered

Upmix function converts any source program material into immersive or standard surround playback — Converts from any input format to any selected higher output channel count format.

Integrated test signals for calibration and connectivity validation during set up

Pink noise generator to calibrate a speaker’s interaction within the environment

Dolby Noise: bandpass noise generator to balance speaker levels External option: Can use test disc, or other calibration sources for specific decoding outputs

EXP expansion output port — Provides easy I/O connection to an Extron DMP Plus Series audio DSP processor. This allows for a higher output count and seamless integration with all DMP capabilities including Dante transport. Lip Sync Offset — 0 ms to 300 ms per input

Supports commonly used speaker output configurations — 5.1, 7.1, and 5.1.2 with stereo downmix on outputs 9 and 10 5.1.4, 7.1.2, and 7.1.4 with stereo downmix on the EXP expansion bus EXP expansion bus connection to a DMP Plus Series processor is required for 7.1.4

Supported HDMI 2.0b specification features include data rates up to 18 Gbps, HDR, Deep Color up to 12-bit, 3D, and HD lossless audio formats. Selectable stereo output mode formats — PCM: Uncompressed stereo digital audio signals can be processed from the HDMI, Toslink, or Coaxial inputs Analog: Stereo downmix

Front panel input selection with LED indication

Supports 802.1X Authentication — Provides support for IEEE 802.1X authentication standard for port-based Network Access Control.