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Extron's Four Port Fiber Optic RS-232 Inserter

by Stuart Berry February 11, 2021

Fox II RS 104

The Extron FOX II RS 104 is a new four port fiber optic RS-232 inserter for long-haul transmission of control signals to remote devices over fiber optic cables. Each of the ports provides a bidirectional fiber optic connection to an Extron FOX or FOX II Series extender for the insertion and extraction of control data, all the time giving a continuous pass-through link for video and audio. As always, engineered with uncompromising quality and proven performance, it uses Extron all-digital technology to deliver pixel-for-pixel DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, computer-video, and standard definition video. Output reclocking on the buffered fiber optic outputs provides signal integrity, sending a fiber optic signal at its original power level.

The FOX II RS 104, available in Multimode or Singlemode, is the perfect answer for use in applications with a centralized control system that needs a long-haul transmission of video, audio, and control signals over fiber optic cabling. It enables you to use the performance of optical signal transmission while providing bidirectional control from a control processor, which eliminates the need for separate control system wiring to remote devices. In addition, control data can be sent to more than a single fiber optic output to allow control of multiple devices. An embedded Web page allows for remote configuration, management, and monitoring of control ports, simplifying system set-up and operation.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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