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Newnex USB 3.0 Cables & Hub are certified for Google Hangouts Hardware

by Stuart Berry February 06, 2018

Google Hangout

Powered by Chrome OS and Google Hangouts, Google Hangouts Meet hardware kit is a cost-effective video conferencing solution for business. This kit consists of four components: a touch screen controller, Speakermic, 4K sensor camera and ASUS Chromebox.

Newnex USB 3.0 cables and hub are certified by Google for use with the Hangouts Meet hardware kit to provide the high quality interconnections between the Hangouts Meet devices. Newnex industrial grade USB 3.0 hub and passive/active extension cables will satisfy users' needs for using with various room size setups.

Click to learn about setting up USB 3.0 cable and hub for Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangout Diagram

Below are the full list Newnex products that have been certified.

4-Port USB HUB

FireNEX-uHUB™, USB 3.0 4-Port Industrial Hub

The single upstream USB 3.0 input to be shared by the Speakermic and Touchscreen Monitor simultaneously

Passive Hub Extension Cable

USB 3.0 A/M to B/M, 5m (Newnex PN: US226-2005)

Connect from Chromebox to USB 3.0 Hub, up to 5m (16.4 ft.)

Active Hub Extension Cable

FireNEX-uLINK™, USB 3.0 A/M to B/M, 10m (Newnex PN: FIRENEX-ULKS10)

Connect from Chromebox to USB 3.0 Hub, up to 10m (33.3 ft.)

Active Camera Extension Cable

FireNEX-uLINK™, USB 3.0 A/M to A/F, 5m (Newnex PN: FIRENEXAMAF-5M)

Connect from Chromebox to 4K Sensor Camera

Please call or email our Sales team for further details and prices for these Newnex products.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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