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The Extron USB-C to HDMI Interface

by Stuart Berry August 17, 2020

USB-C to HDMI Interface

Introducing the Extron USB-C HD 101 USB-C to HDMI interface. This new interface provides USB-C video connectivity to HDMI device inputs, while supporting the power and charging needs for USB-C source devices. The USB-C HD 101 converts USB-C video to HDMI. This allows laptops and other devices direct connectivity to display devices and can simplify integration into larger AV systems. It supports USB-C video output via DisplayPort Alt Mode at resolutions up to 4096x2160, at 60 Hz. All EDID, embedded audio, and HDCP signals are passed, which ensures compatibility with a wide variety of displays. The HDMI signal output can be extended up to 300 feet or 91 meters, using Extron HD Pro Plenum Series cable.

The internal Extron Everlast power supply eliminates the need for a separate power supply and it also provides up to 60 watts of power for charging or operating USB-C source devices. Front panel LED indicators for signal presence, USB-C power, and unit power provide convenient, real time feedback of system status.

Its compact, quarter-rack width enclosure is perfect for discreet mounting within furniture, on a shelf, or under a table using the included ZipClip 200 mounting kit.

The USB-C HD 101 can be used in huddle spaces, conference and meeting rooms, or wherever a USB-C device video source is needed. In this meeting room application, the USB-C HD 101 is installed beneath a table and paired with an Extron Cable Cubby 100. The USB-C HD 101 converts the laptop USB-C output to HDMI and sends the signal to the Extron IN1804 Seamless Scaling Switcher, while also providing power for the laptop, which, in turn, elimates the need for the laptop power supply. The HDMI output of the switcher connects to the room display.

BYOD users will enjoy being able to quickly connect a USB-C equipped laptop and present their content on the display. Providing both HDMI connectivity, and power for USB-C devices, the compact Extron USB-C HD 101 is a versatile addition for a variety of professional AV applications.

The Extron USB-C HD 101 is available in September 2020

USB-C to HDMI Interface Extron

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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