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CSNULL9FF-25A Deluxe Null Modem Standard Cable, DB9 Female / Female, 25.0 ft

by L-Com
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Product Datasheet

The CSNULL series of cable assemblies features the same construction as the CSMN series but are wired to the most common null modem wiring schemes. The transmit data and receive data signals are crossed to allow two DTE or DCE devices to communicate. All assemblies utilize 26 AWG stranded conductors with foil shielding for flexibility and performance. Backshells are fully molded with copper shielding for better immunity to EMI/RFI. Mating hardware is 4-40 thumbscrews which makes securing without tools quick and easy.

Allows two DTE or DCE devices to communicate with no conflict in data transmission

Wired to the most common null modem wiring schemes

360 degree fully shielded for protection against EMI/RFI

Gold plated contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles

Pins 2 and 3 crossed and pins 7 and 8 crossed, and pins 1 and 6 bridged and wired to pin 4 on each side. This forms a "Standard" Null Modem wiring scheme.
Length in Metres: 7.6
Colour: Gray