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CTL3VGAMF-25T SUper Thin SVGA Cable, HD15 Male / Female, 25.0 ft

by L-Com
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Big performance in a small package is what this series is all about. Utilizing a revolutionary VGA cable which is made with 3 ultra thin coaxial lines and still measures less than .23" in diameter! In addition to the small cable size these cables feature an innovative shallow backshell design producing a cable assembly ideally suited to any space sensitive application. Another unique feature is user-defined mounting hardware. Each cable end is capable of being connected with either male jack screws or hex standoffs with the supplied hardware! This feature enables either the male or female end to be panel mounted.

Connection of a signal generating device (CPU) and a display device (Monitor)

Small cable and backshell design addresses space sensitive applications

3 ultra thin 75 Ohm coaxial lines optimize video signal quality

User defined hardware results in maximum mounting flexibility
Length in Metres: 7.6
Colour: Black