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CA2051MM-1M Ultra SCSI Cable .8mm Male / HPDB50 Male 1.0m

by L-Com
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VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) cables from L-com are manufactured to meet or exceed SCSI standards. Connectors are 0.8mm pitch 68 position to SCSI-2 style HPDB50 for adapting between the differing ports. Features double shielded cable (copper braid plus aluminum mylar foil) and 25 pair 28 AWG conductors for the highest quality. In addition, offset backshells are used on the VHDCI connector for applications requiring two side-by-side ports.

Adapter cables from Ultra SCSI/VHDCI to SCSI-2 (0.8mm 68 position to HPDB50 50 position)

Offset backshells on the VHDCI end allow for applications requiring two side by side ports.8mm connector pitch saves valuable space

Double shielded cable provides maximum protection against data corrupting EMI/RFI

Length options are 0.5, 1, 2 & 3 meters; color is light gray
Length in Metres: 1.0
Colour: Gray