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Hotel Wi-Fi and in room digital signage channels

by Simon Leach December 03, 2015

Hotel Wi-Fi and in room digital signage channels

So, you own a small hotel, and things were ticking along nicely. You have wi-fi if your public areas like the reception and the Bar. Feedback from customers is suggesting they would like to access the Wifi in their rooms.

In a recent survey by the Thistle Hotel group over half of respondees said free wi-fi is crucial to the enjoyment of their holiday escape – ranking it higher than offering in-room TVs (37%), and according to research by Netgear 1/3rd of Leisure customers will not return to a hotel with poor w-fi.

And don’t forget your business guests, according to the netgear research this rises to 2/3rds of business travellers not returning. According to recent studies Wi-Fi is deemed twice as important as free breakfast, and Free Parking!

The answer is simple you need a hard wired wifi solution, but running all that cable is going to create a big mess, and cost too much to make it worthwhile, right?

Well Yes and No!

If you go for a solution with New routers, new cable, and new antennas then yes the install will be slow and messy, the disturbance will be major and the cost expensive.

HOWEVER, we have a solution, and you probably already have the cabling you need in place already.

Our solution sends your Broadband signal along you Television Antenna cable, using the empty bandwidth. This solution is Cheaper, Faster, more secure and has higher bandwidth than wireless extender or Powerline adaptors.

And best of all, for a Boutique hotel with 10- 20 rooms the price per room per night is only 9p!

But it doesn’t stop there we also offer a solution to send a digital signage channel to each TV attached to your antenna and price per room per night is only 8p! This system can also be used to control the available free view channels

Simon Leach
Simon Leach


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