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How to Assemble and Use a Fiber Optic Enclosure - L-com Video

Video supplied by: L-Com Support


L-com explains how to assemble and use a Fiber Optic Enclosure

Step 1 First, feed the fiber distribution or breakout cable through the entry point on the FRP3600 and FRP7200 fiber termination enclosure.

Step 2 Next, connectorize the distribution cable as shown or prepare it for use with splices

Step 3 Install an appropriate snap-in fiber optic sub-panel for into the enclosure

Step 4 At the back of the enclosure, install the connectorized distribution cable

Step 5 Now at the front of the enclosure, attached the fiber optic cables to the fiber optic sub-panel

Step 6 Finally, reinstall the sliding top cover and the faceplate. You have now successfully installed fiber cables into the fiber termination enclosure

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