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Cable Assemblies: D-Subminiature

First introduced by ITT Cannon in 1952, the D-Subminiature interface has long been the workhorse of data communications. Originally designed for RS-232 serial communications, D-Subminiature interfaces were integral components in early Token Ring computing networks, as well as in industrial automation systems designed to control production processes and monitoring systems. D-Subminiature has additionally served as an invaluable cornerstone technology in applications including PC peripheral connectivity, analog video (HD15/SVGA), modem connectivity and gaming interfaces.

For the most part, today the D-Subminiature interface has been supplanted in more modern product designs in favor of smaller, faster interfaces, such as USB. However, this interface’s attractive combination of wide availability, low production cost and high contact count (up to 78 positions) continues to make D-Subminiature an important design feature of many new machines and systems.

D-Subminiature Cable Features:

L-com offers one of the most extensive off-the-shelf selections of D-Subminiature cables found anywhere today. Our stock includes common, as well as hard-to-find assemblies such as right angle and 45-degree configurations, armored, low smoke/zero halogen (LSZH), waterproof IP67 designs and much more. We can also custom manufacture D-Subminiature cables to your exact specifications with custom lengths, pin-outs and connector combinations.



Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have long favored the use of D-Subminiature in their machine designs due to the interface’s unique lock-down hardware, ensuring highly secure connections even against high vibration and movement. In addition, this interface type allows for a high contact count (up to 78 signals in one cable assembly) at a relatively low cost compared to other connectivity options.

L-com works with many of the world’s leading OEMs to develop and produce custom D-Subminiature cable assemblies for applications including test and measurement systems, data acquisition and SVGA analog video connectivity. In addition to our extensive custom production capabilities, L-com also stocks one of the most complete selections of off-the-shelf D-Subminiature cables on the market today, ready to ship when OEMs need them fast.

Professional A/V & Digital Signage

Professional audio/video installers and integrators depend on high quality, high density D-Subminiature cables to ensure clear and uninterrupted video connectivity for conference rooms, desktop PCs, projectors and other modern, low latency video display applications. These video systems, from teleconferencing to meeting support, have become central fixtures in business sectors including medical care, advertising, education and manufacturing.

While some producers of multi-conductor video cables cut corners on the quality and quantity of their connector plating, as well as on the gauge and construction of bulk cabling, L-com designs and builds only premium video cabling tested and fit for high performance, modern video systems. L-com’s HD15 analog video cables feature three precision double-shielded coaxial conductors, as well as 30 micro-inches of gold connector plating.

We invite you to compare our SVGA video cables to those offered by lower cost, lower quality competitors. When you need high quality video that you can count on, you can depend on L-com to deliver it every time.


D-Subminiature Cable Assemblies