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HGLN-AISG1 - Remote Electrical Tilt (RET)/AISG Lightning/Surge Protector




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The HGLN-AISG1 high performance 3-stage lightning/surge protector provides superior protection from transients and surges for indoor and outdoor Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) equipment utilizing multi-wire control cables. The protector is compatible with AISG 5, 6 and 8-conductor control lines and provides individual protection of the Power and RS485 lines within the control cable.

The design utilizes gas discharge tubes on each pin for superior power handling capability. In addition, the three EIA-485 control lines utilize a three-stage design for protection of sensitive semiconductors used in the interface. The 3-stage design can handle higher-level transients than a protector that uses only diodes. The HGLN-AISG1 arrestor provides protection for both EIA-485 control line implementations using two or three wires. EIA485+, EIA485- and EIA485gnd.

Failsafe Feature

The HGLN-AISG1 is designed to convert into a failsafe mode in the rare case of a catastrophic surge or lightning event. For this mode, the resistors in the second stage will fuse and portions of the diode array will short to ground. This effectively disconnects the line from sensitive equipment thus limiting damage. The units are factory repairable. For more complete surge protection of data lines, the use of two units is recommended, one at each end of the line.

AISG Compatible

The HGLN-AISG1 is fully compatible with AISG control lines and connectors. Two 8-pin (1-male and 1-female) connectors are provided. A ground terminal is provided directly on the protector providing superior grounding.

The 3-stage design and low cost makes this lightning suppressor a ideal alternative to the Huber Suhner #3414 series, PolyPhaser #DAS-TP-001 & DAS-TP-002, Shireen #50510 and Andrew ATLP200-001 protectors.

For additional information and complete specifications, see data sheet below.

  • Protects each pin with gas discharge tubes
  • 3-Stage surge protection for EIA-485 signals including ground reference line
  • Waterproof housing
  • Mounting bracket
  • 2 x 8-Pin connectors