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Where would you use an antenna array?

by Stuart Berry August 15, 2018

An antenna array is a set of two or more antennas working together to form a single Omni-directional signal. When two or more directional Wi-Fi antennas are grouped together, the signals combine and are able to work as a single antenna with improved directional characteristics. This is usually done with panel-style antennas connected by an RF splitter to a single access point or Wi-Fi amplifier. The number of antennas in an array can be as few as two or as many as four.

So the major benefit of using an antenna array over a single Omni directional antenna is that the antenna array provides radiation patterns that a single Omni antenna would not. In most cases, antenna arrays provide greater coverage than a single Omni antenna could.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased overall gain
  • Diversity reception
  • Cancellation of interference from specific directions
  • Sensitivity toward certain directions
  • Ability to determine the arrival direction of incoming signals
  • Maximizes the Signal to Interference Plus Noise Ratio (SINR)

Antenna arrays are used in outdoor point-to-multipoint applications.

We offer three configurations: 4 - 90° panels, 3 - 120° panels and 2 - 180° panels, (see photos below). To ensure maximum wireless signal coverage, these antenna arrays feature 0°-20° down-tilt capability to compensate for the installation location geography.

Four Sectorial Antennas

Antenna Arrays with four 90° sectorial antennas

Three Sectorial Antennas

Antenna Arrays with three 120° sectorial antennas

Two Sectorial Antennas

Antenna Arrays with two 180° sectorial antennas

We hope you can see how antennas working together achieve better coverage than a single Omni-directional antenna. Please browse our selection of antenna arrays.

Stuart Berry
Stuart Berry


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